Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 56 - St. John, New Brunswick

It is finished…………………………….day 56

As Jim and Mercedes so succinctly said on their blog yesterday, “where did all that time go?”

Were you wondering the same thing?  Our wonderful trip is over.  This morning everyone came for a delicious staff prepared breakfast, ate, chatted, said their goodbyes, and left the campground in St. John while Mo/Mo-Reen looked on.

We saw a lot of beautiful vistas, learned a lot of history, enjoyed meeting the people  and listening to the music from this area.  A truly great trip.

What goes around, comes around.  The staff finished the trip back at the Pumpkin Patch – exactly where we started.   Are we ready to go again? 

We enjoyed traveling with old friends, making new ones and being able to share this incredible journey with all of you.  With all that we saw and did, it’s all of our guests that made this trip so very special.

Thank you for choosing Adventure Caravans.  We look forward to seeing you in the future.                      

Travel safe and be well.

                       Barry & Terry,         Spence & Madi,            Mo/Mo-Reen 

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