Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 52 - Travel day to Truro, Nova Scotia

What a beautiful morning in Louisbourg.   The troops are lined up in the RV park to leave.

A stop at Shell Service station for diesel rendered this sign welcoming us - kind of neat, huh?

We stopped at an overview park at Irish Cove.

Our travels took us through St. Peters where the streets had these beautiful hanging baskets along the streets.

Next to the last travel day and Mo was passed on th Janet and Ken, Janice and Bill for the wonderful chicken dinner they bought for us.  I think I have forgotten how to cook.  May have to learn again after the caravan.

And tonight dinner at Frank and Gino's.  Once again, doing what we all do best!

Thanks Adventure - great meal - great friends.

Submitted by:  Dianne and Bob Osborne
Adventure #16

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